Feel free to google me.  If you're worried about privacy, you could duckduckgo me instead (is that a verb?). Alternatively, allow me to filter out some of that noise for you:

The usual social networks:

You'll find slides and papers from conferences I've presented: 


I wrote a book about unit testing embedded C.  You can find it on Lulu.com.

I teach a class about test driven development for embedded C. You can find it on Udemy, but a better intro (and a coupon code) is on ThrowTheSwitch.org.

I also help run an online community called "Throw The Switch", working to improve the quality of embedded software.   

If you don't want the overview and would rather jump straight to the tools, I'm a primary developer for the following open source projects: 

I've made significant contributions to many other open source and free software projects, including most notably: 

  • FreeRTOS (fast realtime operating system) 
  • RTEMS (hard realtime operating system) 
  • MicroMonitor (super monitor and bootloader)