Hi. I’m Mark.

I’m a maker of things in ones and zeros.


You have an amazing, exciting idea!  One problem... the part of this idea that fascinates you is only 20% of the project.  While the 20% makes it unique and awesome, there is still 80% left.  Communication, storage, task juggling, realtime needs, standards, maintainability, service, validation, ease of use, build management, testability, memory management, resource locking, device drivers... the list of "other things" is overwhelming.


I love the 80%!  It's the structure of a firmware application that grabs my interest.  It's the way it all fits together to support your needs.  It's the challenge of the realtime requirements and the puzzle of storage needs.  Best of all, I write code for maintainability.  When the time comes when you want to add to your creation, I've built a well-documented, understandable and supportable codebase so you can handle anything you might need to do.

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