I'm an INFJ.  This Myers Briggs Type Indicator can be used to give you some insight into my personality.  

As an INFJ, I have a number of strengths.  I'm insightful, often seeing things that others don't.  INFJ's are also good at acting upon these insights.  We have stick-with-it attitudes, so we accomplish most anything we set out minds to.

I'm intuitive.  I'm decisive.  I'm creative.  I have a knack for understanding what people want and a drive to help them accomplish their goals.  

I'm loyal and honest.  INFJ's, myself included, value transparency.  I believe that having all the facts on the table drive the best decisions.  In that spirit, feel free to read more about my personality type.  If you have concerns about how I am compensating for the common weakness or would like to know how my strengths can help you, just ask.