The Daily Grind

So many big things happened this year, but some of our favorite moments were just that… moments. Here are a few of the “daily grind” that made our year great.


To Ethan’s delight, Grand Rapids opened two Chic-Fil-A Restaurants.

1 pizza.jpg

We discovered a lunchbox complete with a slice of moldy pizza deep in Ethan’s school locker. It had been there for a VERY long time. At least, we think it was pizza.


Ethan tried to wear contacts.

After many (many) frustrating attempts, we determined that he wasn’t quite able to get them in on his own.

The glasses returned.


Abby’s braces came off!


Ethan’s birthday in May marked a special event this year. We now have two teenagers in the house!

3 deck.jpg

We installed a new deck this spring (or more accurately, we paid someone to install it for us). It’s very large, and made of composite decking which means little to no maintenance. I bet we spent more time on the deck this summer than the previous dozen summers combined. We love it.


Early in the summer, Ethan grew taller than Trista.

4 allegra.jpg

Abby and Ethan worked at Allegra for the first time (Trista’s brother-in-law’s family print shop). Definitely a rite of passage in our family.

5 twins day.jpg

Trista and her sister Becky celebrated “Twin Day” in September. Although the two have a 13+ year age gap, Becky has been going backwards since her 50th birthday. “Twin Day” was the day when Becky finally became younger than Trista!


In the autumn, Abby grew taller than Trista.


Trista’s Cooking Club celebrated 10 years

6 Cooking club.jpg

All five pets are still alive and well. Sawyer (cat, 12), Katie (cat, 8), Sid (dog, 5), Millie (dog, 2) and Ollie (rabbit, 1-1/2).

7b pets.jpg
7d pets.jpg
7a pets.jpg
7c pets.jpg